Thursday, December 18, 2008

Supersize me

I enjoyed a great deal all of the visuals of this film. I love the quick paced nature of this film and how early on it sets out on a journey so you know exactly what the goal of the film is. I think this guy is pretty crazy for all that he did. It brings up an interesting ethical issue of how far should you go to get footage. The main guy basically put his life on the line to tell this story and kind of in a needless fashion. I will admit however, the film would not have received as much publicity and attention if he had not risked so much. I guess it is true that film is more compelling to watch when the stakes are higher.
There were a few moments in the film were I thought it was repeating itself. I guess you can only say that fast food is bad in so many different ways before the message is over the top. I feel this film was fairly manipulative. It did not give much room for fast food chains that have healthier products, and really was aimed at showing how terrible fast food on a normal basis can be.
This film got my wife thinking too. I think she was pretty disgusted, not with what the food can do to your body but what it has done for our society in general. She is enacting stronger eating out rules as a result. I found this film to be useful in its activism. It might have been nice to have included a little more about inactivity being a problem along with the fast food. Fun stuff.

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